The NCLI Conference can become your group’s destination for church renewal and planting inspiration, collaboration and training. We offer many benefits to groups including special pricing,  and we’d love to help you organize your Group experience. Just contact us at to learn more. Check out some of the group benefits below (note: benefits depend on the size of your group).

  • Simple Discounted Registration Process for your Group
  • Spend Focused Time on Connecting and Building Relationships
  • Address Organizational Objectives in a Relaxed Setting
  • Make Your Team Feel Special and Appreciated
  • Quick On-Site Check-in Available for your Group
  • Priority Access to Speakers for your Group (When Available)
  • Group Nametags Encourage Relationships within your Group
  • Promotional Package to Assist with Communicating the NCLI details within your Group
  • Free Registrations are a Part of Some Packages

The rates for NCLI include registration only (no housing, food or travel).