Church Building & Loan Fund is a Platinum Sponsor!

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We are blessed with wonderful partners in ministry who provide services to churches across the nation. This year, the Church Building & Loan Fund is joining our team as a Platinum Sponsor of the NCLI event and an ongoing partner of the Center for Progressive Renewal. We are thrilled to have them on our team and to connect you to their services. Here is info about their great programs:

The Church Building & Loan Fund: God is Still Building…And We Are Here to Help!

The United Church of Christ’s Church Building & Loan Fund is hosting a pre-conference “Partners in Building” event on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. New and renewing congregations are invited and encouraged to attend this event if they are thinking about applying for a loan. This informative program is designed to assist a congregation to strategically develop financial planning, building needs, and overall congregant commitment to achieve their vision for ministry.

What do we do?

We make loans for new or renewing congregations who wish to build or buy their first house of worship.

The Church Building & Loan Fund (CB&LF) is excited to be a participant with the NCLI Conference.  Our Partners in Building Program is the first step in the loan process, and provides congregations with a model of theological reflection, mission development, and financial planning that ensures your building will support and enhance the vision of your ministry.  Please join the CB&LF staff for our Pre-Conference program on August 6, 2013, to learn about the loan application process.

Does your Church need money?

We have funds available to lend to new or renewing congregations to assist with their buying, building, renovating or refinancing of church property.

Who are we?

The CB&LF traces back to the mid-1800s when the first gifts were made to set up a low-cost lending program.  Currently, our loans (up to $2,500,000) at below market interest rates are provided to churches 30 years or younger and renewing churches.

In addition to the Partners in Building program, our Capital Campaign Fundraising service is an in-depth Faith-Based, Spirit-Filled and Lay-Led program that provides guidance for raising funds.  We provide the necessary training, coaching and mentoring to assist in a congregation’s growth.  A free Informational Meeting is provided upon request.  Please contact us for further information.

We also support the Fellowship of Architects, a national group of professional UCC members founded in 1988.  The Fellowship provides consultation and assistance to churches on how to make their “sacred space” spiritually motivating.

For more information on any of our services, please visit our web site:

Patrick Duggan
Executive Director

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